memory (KEI INOUE)


A full-stack engineer (Backend / Frontend / Infrastructure)

I'm currently working at BASE, Inc.

  • ex GameWith, Inc.

  • ex Synapse, Inc. (Currently, LLC.)


25 (05/26/1994)


  • Backend: PHP, Node.js, Java, Go
  • Frontend: JavaScript(ES), HTML, CSS, Scss, Less
  • Apps: React Native, Objective-C
  • Frameworks: Laravel, Lumen, CakePHP, FuelPHP, React(with Redux), Vue, Nuxt, jQuery, Bootstrap, Tailwind, Material UI, WordPress, PHPUnit, PHP CodeSniffer, Jest
  • Infrastructures: CentOS, Ubuntu, AWS, MySQL, SQLite, Apache, Nginx, Elasticsearch, Docker, Vagrant, memcached, Redis, Firebase, New Relic
  • Payment services: Stripe, GMO Payment Gateway,


06/01/2019: I joined to BASE, Inc.

05/31/2019: I quited GameWith, Inc.

04/24/2019: I talked a session at PHP Study. The title is "ハムスターを監視するシステムを Raspberry Pi と PHP の Swoole で作った話"

03/29/2019: I talked a session at PHPerKaigi 2019. The title is "PHP で JVM に入門する"

02/20/2019: I talked a session at Elasticsearch Study Meeting 2019. The title is "GameWith で検索システムが使われるまで"

02/16/2019: I talked a session at LaravelJP Conference 2019. The title is "PHP で Java を動かす"

01/26/2019: I talked a session at PHP Conference Sendai 2019. The title is "開発期間 2 ヶ月で Elasticsearch をプロダクトに使ってリリースした話"

04/16/2018: I joined to GameWith, Inc.

10/01/2017: The paper [PDF] quoted my library "php-websocket-server".

01/30/2013: The book quoted my library "php-websocket-server"


SOUND VOLTEX, Dance Dance Revolution, Deemo, VOEZ, BanG Dream!, Binary Reading, NLP